Thursday, August 4, 2011

Heidelburg and back

Today was a fun adventure for both L and I. We were largely on our own, and we took a train into Heidelberg and back. Heidelberg is a beautiful city, though we only saw a small part of it. We began in a pedestrian mall

The street had a huge mix of shops, from chains and department stores to unique shops. On our way back from the castle, we stopped for some delicious iced chocolate and frozen yogurt (which actually tasted like yogurt).

The castle in Heidelberg is quite a large one. We walked up the hill upon which it rests and toured the castle. It has an imposing view of the city

For dinner, we were feted at a local(ish) winery and restaurant, Weingut Heitlinger. Heitlinger

The meal was fantastic! There was a buffet style salad bar except with about 10 tasty, quality salads. The main course was barbequed meats and grilled vegetables, and I think we sampled everything: several kinds of fish, shrimp, pork, lamb, and sausage. And, it being a winery, there were delicious wines before, during, and after the meal.


  1. Ooh, commenty space!

    It looks like an amazing trip. I'm really enjoying following you two along from afar. :)

    ~ Darla

  2. Amazing photos!