Monday, February 27, 2012

Adiós mi amor

Bram has reached the end of his stay here. I believe he has a couple more stories to tell, but most of the blogging and photo taking here in will be me.

Two weeks in, and my days are becoming pleasantly repetitive. Unfortunately, that doesn't make for great blogging! I wake up and lounge until I'm ready to either jog or do yoga. Have breakfast, usually in, and decide if it's a hammock day or a beach day. Read, meditate, walk, sometimes visit other people. Dinner, then early to bed. I'll do my best to report on particular things, people or events of interest.

Friends from Minnesota arrived last week, a group I'm excited to meet up with every year: Tim, Dee Dee, John and Kari. Until this year, John had decided that Bram was only a figment of my imagination, because every year they would miss each other by about a day. This year we managed to overlap their stays by one evening, so we celebrated by eating (of course!). Our destination was Camaron Caramelo, previously reported on here. This time we tried shrimp tacos and shrimp with rum and bacon. Both were tasty. Not sure if Bram took photos or not!


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    1. Hehe. I was out for the day and came home to 56 new emails... all from Laura and Bram's comments! Awesome!