Monday, February 27, 2012

Adventure Day part 6: Carnivale!

It was only after the sun set that Cozumel's Carnivale started to kick into gear. There were quite a few little stages set up in town, and various gatherings of locals and performers could be found throughout the day. The main event started later, with live music and another long parade. If anything, the floats and groups were even more energetic and elaborate than what I had already seen in Playa del Carmen.

Even though there was an extra ferry running due to the Carnivale, I stuck with my original plan and took the 9:00 boat back. It was a long, wonderful day and a great experience to have.

As mentioned, I am in fact back in Winnipeg.  However, I still have lots of images to sort through and share.  I'm planning to post a "picture of the day" for at least a week or two as I process through the images and find more favourites, so even though I'm back in body, my creative soul remains in Mexico.

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