Monday, February 27, 2012


Words by Lori; photos by Bram.
Aguachiles is well off the beaten tourist path. Even so, its reputation draws an equal crowd of pink and brown skinned folks. The seafood here is fresh and healthful (ie: not deep fried like most other places). Most of the dishes are some variation of ceviche (fish or seafood "cooked" in lime juice with various veggies, usually onion, tomato and cilantro).

Here, tostadas with a wide array of salsas.

Next two different shrimp tacos; one with creamed spinach, the other with beans.

And the main course, the house specialty. At least a pound of shrimp mounded high in the middle, with pickled cucumber and onion, in a lime and clamato broth. It is served cold with crackers and tostadas. It was too much for us.

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