Thursday, February 16, 2012

Camaron Caramelo

Dinner tonight was seafood. To be precise, shrimp. It was more than a little off the beaten path but absolutely worth the trip.

Lori: I think most of us expect that the seafood in the Caribbean is cheap and good, since we are right on the water. For me at least, those expectations are higher than what I've experienced. Caribbean lobster is very different and not as good as Atlantic lobster, and not particularly cheap. The shrimp is often small and prepared with the shell still on, which I don't care for. I'm not as big a fan of fish, but often it is cooked in too much oil for my taste.

Enter Camaron Caramelo; camaron means shrimp, but I'm not sure if Carmelo is somebody's name or if there's a better translation (maybe Nelba can help us if she's reading this!) (**edit** I rechecked the name, and it is Camaron Caramelo, which literally translated means caramel shrimp. Not sure if that's the proper translation or not.) This new little restaurant has a very attentive owner who is proud of his food, and has a little of what I would expect "cheap good seafood" to be like. Part of that is because it is well off the beat tourist track, so does not have the insane overhead of rent. The other part is that the food is delicious!

Here we have the specialty of the house, coconut shrimp drizzled with a creamy strawberry sauce./end Lori

Lori: And borracho (drunken) shrimp, a mildly spicy tequila sauce. I'm not sure which dish I liked better. Good thing I didn't have to choose, as Bram is very good at sharing! /end Lori


  1. I'm glad to read that you guys liked that place as I just happen to love seafood and Camaron Caramelo is at the top of my must do for this year :-)

    1. You have good taste in restaurants :) and I'm sure we would be up for another visit if you'd like the company.

  2. I'd come down there just to eat there....*droool*