Sunday, February 12, 2012

Don Sirloin

One of the big reasons we keep coming back to Playa Del Carmen is the food. There is a great selection of restaurants, with both authentic local and foreign cuisine. There will likely be a lot of food photos to come :) and once I feel like adventuring, more street and beach life.

For those of you following along in Playa, we went to Don Sirloin last night for dinner. We split the house Frijoles Charros and a Don Burro. I quite enjoyed both but I'll leave the more exhaustive critique to Lori.

Check the comments for Lori's food critique.


  1. I'm liking this arrangement... Bram does photos and I do writing :)

    Some of our followers also go to Playa every year. It's how we became friends. It's for those people that I will go into insane detail about the food... they will get it to a level that others may not, simply because you may not have the experience to compare.

    So... Don Sirloin. First of all, the convenience to me is a little frightening. It's about a 1 minute walk, compared to El Fogon, the local rival. In my opinion, that is really the only leg up that Don Sirloin has over El Fogon... oh, and that it's not 1000 degrees. We ordered my two favourites so that I could do a fair comparison.

    First, the frijoles charros (roughly translated, cowboy beans, is a bean soup), Don style, with added cheese and sliced sirloin. I don't really care for the added cheese, but the added meat was tasty. Nothing compares to the El Fogon broth though.

    Then the Don Burro, the equivalent of El Fogon's taco loco (a burrito stuffed with pastor meat, grilled beef, bacon, and peppers). Heart attack on a plate! It was tasty, and I'm sure if I hadn't had El Fogon's taco loco, I would be sold. I missed the two thick slabs of bacon laid over the burrito, and the meat just wasn't quite as tasty. The pastor meat lacked that juicy sweetness, and the beef was sliced sirloin as opposed to arrachera (ie: skirt/flank steak).

    So, bottom line, my heart (or heart attack) is still with El Fogon.

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  2. El Fogon Taco Loco... Yummm!!! :-) I had two last year, so I should probably take a year off to let my heart recover, but, I'm not going to!

    No bacon on the Don Burro? Forget it! I appreciate 'presentation' and those thick slices top off an otherwise plain tortilla in fine style. Can't wait!

    1. You've had a year! You're allowed another one or two now!

      There was chopped up bacon inside, but still not as good.

    2. I think we're going to hit up El Fogon as well, if only so I can make a better comparison myself :)

  3. Don Sirlon was on our list to try this year too. It seems to be getting better reviews on PI lately. I kind of like the walk to El Fogon though. Hope to try both this year :-)

    1. I definitely think Don Sirloin is worth a try :)

  4. porn!
    Thanks guys!