Sunday, February 12, 2012

El Mero Negrillo

((This is Bram's post, but Lori is going to add comments within the post like this:
Lori: Going to add my comments within posts so that it flows a bit better! /end Lori))

Food is a good way to bring soul and body back in sync. After lazing about in the beach for a few hours and retiring to our room for margaritas and a nap, we eventually found the energy to go out hunting for food. Lori set a task for me: pick where we go for dinner. I agreed to do so, initially on the condition that she would agree to go wherever I picked. That proved to be a little bit too much for her to agree to, so we came to a compromise: I would create a short list (3) and she would make the final selection. From this convoluted process, we arrived at El Mero Negrillo.

Lori: I'm not a control freak at all :) /end Lori

The service was very good and the layout nice. There was a bit of a mixup with our order but once all was said and done it worked out well.

Lori: First the happy hour margaritas. Yes, they are blue-green, because instead of triple sec, they use Curacao. Tasted fine./end Lori

Lori: Then the usual complimentary chips and salsa. Four different house salsas: peanut, bean, jalepeno and habenero. All tasty /end Lori

Lori: Dinner special included a small shrimp salad (very tasty), shrimp broth (I thought it was disgusting, but Bram didn't mind it), fish fillet (pan fried grouper), glass of wine, coffee and dessert./end Lori
Lori: shrimp tacos with chipolte sauce. The sauce was perfect, with just a bit of heat and not too smokey. Came with handmade corn tortillas, which were a bit thick and chewy for my taste./end Lori

Lori: The dessert was a cute little valentine cupcake. The service was very attentive and friendly. All in all a decent meal, but I probably wouldn't go out of my way to go back.
/end Lori

I'm sure Lori will have more comments to add on the meal!

Lori: Tell me, do you prefer my comments within the original post like this? Or previously as separate comments after Bram's post?/end Lori


  1. Hi Lori and Bram ~
    Glad to see that you're doing some taste-testing before we get there :-) Where is this located? Would it be a good happy hour stop? The blue-green margarita intrigues me.
    See you soon!
    Dee Dee

  2. El Mero Negro is 1 building west off the corner of 5th and 26th. Yes, a good happy hour stop. The benches are particularly comfy, and the margaritas were 2x1 (50 p).

  3. I love you two....this foreign food porn is soooo good for my soul!

    1. And booze too! Don't forget the medicinal properties of tequila.