Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Food, food, food.

Lori: Monday was breakfast at Carboncitos, a very popular tourist joint for all kinds of things. Bram had an omelet with chorizo , mushrooms and cheese (photo #1). I had the enfrijoladas (photo#2), which is a Mexican breakfast, but more like lunch. Like many Mexican breakfasts, I believe that it makes use of yesterday's leftovers: roast chicken in corn tortillas, covered in cheese, poblano peppers, chorizo and crema.

Lori: Decided on Italian for dinner at Romeo's. A little complimentary bruchetta, followed by wood fired pizza and to-die-for handmade ravioli stuffed with brie and covered in a creamy nut sauce. Good thing a 3 mile run is on the agenda for Tuesday!!


  1. ***swoons in a food coma***

    1. Food coma just from the pictures. Imagine what you'd do if you ate it!