Thursday, March 1, 2012

Annual Adventure Lunch!

I feel fortunate to be invited to an annual adventure lunch hosted by a local friend, Luis. When asked where we would like to go, our reply is usually "someplace we won't see tourists and that we would never find on our own". Today me and Winnipeg pals Don & Deb met up with Luis to head inland to a small restaurant featuring cheap, local, hearty food.

Here the staff are making our lunch right in front of us. The metal contraption in front of the woman is similar to a tortilla press, but longer, for the huaraches we ordered.

I ordered a gordita. It's sort of like a sandwich, but more like a heart attack. The outer layer is thick handmade tortilla-like "bread", fried on the grill. Inside is chicharron (fried up pork bits) and cheese. I literally saw them tipping it to the side to drain off some of the fat

Don, Deb and Luis all ordered huaraches. Kind of like our Canadian beaver tails, these are made from corn flour and topped with various savory toppings. This one had thin beef steak and cheese.

After a bit of a drive around tour in the residential area of Playa, we headed back to tourist zone where we stopped for dessert at Chez Celine. I've walked by this new french bakery/restaurant dozens of times, but never eaten here. Oh. My. Goddess. I had Tarta Maracuya (spelling?). When I asked what maracuya was, I was told that it was an aphrodisiac fruit. I now understand, since I had trouble keeping myself quiet while eating this little treasure. The chocolate ganache buds on top were the consistency of truffles... rich, smooth and melt-in-your-mouth. I've often said that it is difficult to find good dessert in Mexico, as it often looks good, but tastes bad. After 7 trips, I think I've finally found my dessert place! Thankfully I have a 3 mile run on the agenda tomorrow!


  1. Wow, you weren't kidding about that dessert! Or the rest of the adventure, for that matter :)

  2. Had to add the proper name of the fruit in the dessert: maracuya, which is passion fruit. I find it amusing that it was translated to me as aphrodisiac fruit. :)