Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Well, we've had 4 solid days of solid clouds. Lemons=Lemon Aid; Clouds=Hammock!

I just read a little article by Brene Brown that says to make a list of fun things that make you lose track of time, then do them. One of those things is spending time in my hammock, reading, watching movies or listening to music at Folk Fest. Other than Folk Fest, I seem to feast on this activity only in Mexico. Thank you Bram for finding sneaky ways for me to do this more often when I'm not in Mexico.

In other news, I've also eaten.

At La Parilla de Monolo, an Argentinian grill now relocated to 8th street, between 10th and 15th avenue for those who know the area and miss Monolo's.

Empañadas, one corn and pepper, and one mushroom. Jon, you would love the corn. The greasy-looking film (well, it is grease, not just greasy-looking...) is olive oil from the pile of chimichurri at 6 o'clock on the plate.

Also from Monolo's an Argentinian sausage. Very greasy, and very yummy.

At PG's, the best shrimp tacos in town. Large, lightly breaded shrimp, on a very thin, almost-crisp corn tortilla (I usually prefer flour, but these are amazing), topped with just the right amount of pico de gallo (fresh salsa), tamarind sauce, and habeñero sauce (muy picante, señorita, please be careful).

At Wah Wah's a beach bar, a disappointingly bland ham and mushroom brick-oven pizza.

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