Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Breakfast, Lunch, and.. Ukranian Dance?

Our Planned timetable is working very well. We started off with a delicious breakfast at our B&B: homemade fruit salad, fresh baked muffins, hard boiled eggs, plus yogurt, toast, jam, tea or coffee, and so on.

I finished assembling our bikes after breakfast, with some adorable "help" from our hostess' granddaughter. She was very good at holding tools and taking the caps off of tires. Putting the caps back on proved a little more challenging, but we persevered. Also, please note her awesome red "bike".
(I think this might be the first photo of me in our blog, unless there's one from Germany which slipped my mind). We went on a little walk in search of a few things that we couldn't pack, and stopped off for lunch on our way back. Some takeout sushi was our appetizer, which we ate while watching some sort of festival going on. There was a youth performing troupe singing about the construction of the railways, which segued into what looked like a Ukranian dance number.
Lunch was a lobster salad, avocado, and bacon sandwich. It sounded great and tasted okay.
After lunch, our "quick trip up the street to fill up the bike tires" turned into a 10k ride for a few more sundries. News flash: PEI has hills.


  1. P.S. To contradict my previous post of Lori's words, Bram's pictures"...Bram wrote all these words, and I added the picture of him and his little assistant.