Sunday, July 29, 2012

Camping in Brudenell

Saturday was not a travel day, but I (Bram) spent some time riding for errands and photography:

Trip distance: 27.86 km
Time in saddle: 1:33:03
Average speed: 17.97 km/h

The temperature was perfect for sleeping Friday night to Saturday morning. The thermarests did their job, though I did miss having a proper pillow. After waking up, I made breakfast (instant muesli) **Lori coughs "add cold water and stir" grin** ***Bram coughs "AND open the package of dried raspberries and sprinkle*** and we puttered around the campsite. The closest grocery stores are in Montague, so after debating on what kinds of supplies to get, I saddled up and rode back to town.

I took it easy for the ride into town, stopping a few times for photo opportunities (I'll post some of those separately later). As with Wood Islands, the Confederation Trail leads to/from the local information centre and also runs by a harbour. The staff at the Montague info centre were not nearly as nice and helpful as the ones at Wood Islands.

Montague is very hilly- I was riding to the local Superstore when I came across a Sobeys sooner. Given the nature of the hill, I wasn't picky and stopped there for food. Dealing with perishables is a challenge for us, so I also snagged an insulated lunch bag and a bag of ice to try as a cooler. The melting ice gave me incentive to hustle back to camp, and I made really good time on the return trip. So far, our improvised refrigerator is holding up well.

(Lori writing now)
As much as I thought that I would just crash in my hammock all day, I actually ended up puttering around camp quite a bit. There really isn't a whole lot to do here, but I definitely needed to give my bum a break from the saddle. I'm surprised how well the rest of my body is holding up after two long rides in a row.

I usually love camp cooking, but access to fresh food is more of a challenge than anticipated. One of the reasons we chose PEI is because "everything is so close" but I think that mindset is really for the car-enabled. Protein is a particular problem, but I think Bram's cooler bag idea will serve us well for a couple of days at a time.

Tonight I cooked up all our meat over the fire, as it should keep better that way for the day tomorrow. By the way, chicken breast at $26/kg is robbery! No wonder people say lobster is cheap...because it actually is cheaper than chicken here! I will start looking at prices of seafood in the grocery stores for our protein.

As Marion and others have wished for us, so far the challenges are stretching us, but not breaking us. This is exactly what I needed.

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