Friday, July 27, 2012

Charlottetown to Wood Islands ride

Trip Distance: 60.1 km
Saddle Time: 4hrs 43min

(Bram writing)
We got up bright and early for our first big leg. The breakfast part of the B&B was tasty again (and similar to the last one), and I quickly loaded up our bikes. When we left Charlottetown, they looked something like this:

By our first rest stop 10 kilometers later, they looked something like this:

Can you spot the differences?
We followed the Trans Canada highway on our way south east from Charlottetown. Our hill training paled in comparison with what we encountered on the road. To be fair, by any standard except Manitoba, the hills are not too bad. However, there are a lot of them. There are also fewer rest stops along the highway than we'd hoped. After 25 kilometers or so, we were starting to seriously look for food. Finally, we came across a source of sustenance!

It was pretty tasty, if only because of how hungry we were. We ended up with a couple of cheeseburgers:

After a total of 60 kilometers, we arrived at our motel. We were just about to take another break under a convenient tree when we realized the tree was on the motel's property. We didn't even bother to take most of the panniers off the bikes, we just wheeled them right into the room. Lori did some laundry and then it was off to dinner at a diner. More hamburgers ensued:

We're probably going to be taking a shorter route to Brudenell on the next leg, and including part of the Confederation Trail. We'll see how the day goes!

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