Thursday, July 26, 2012

Gahan House Brewery

As promised, a post devoted to our last dinner in Charlottetown before hitting the road with our bikes.
Gahan House is a microbrewery with a large selection of beer. We started with their sample platter of beer in 3 oz mugs. - 6 of their standard plus 2 specials. I don't remember all of them, but astonishingly, my favorite was a thick stout that tasted a bit like coffee. Bram's was their honey wheat.

Then onto the food. Typically I'm torn between a couple things on a menu, which is often solved by me ordering one and Bram ordering the other...luckily we share similar tastes and share our food well with each other! However, I was torn between about 5 things on this menu! This was solved by ordering 3 things and a promise to come back at the end of our trip. First up a flat bread pizza where you chose 3 of about a dozen available toppings and 1 of 3 kinds of sauces. Ours was bacon, chorizo and goat cheese with their house BBQ sauce. Though it sounds a little strange, it was possibly the most delicious pizza I've had!

Then came our main dishes. Fish and chips, with a beer batter made with their own beer of course. Bram absolutely loved their chips. Jon will smile when he reads that they only had malt vinegar on the table, and when I asked for white vinegar, it was brought in a little cup because apparently it is rarely requested.
And chicken, chorizo penne in a Cajun cream sauce. Perfect level of heat and flavour!

Bram has promised (threatened?) to motivate me to pedal around the island with the promise of returning here at the end of our trip as the reward!


  1. I feel like Homer Simpson, drooling and moaning, "".
    Sounds quite awesome...and with all that calorie burning going on hope you have bacon on everything! That area is known for their strawberry shortcake too...

    1. So far, lots of bacon has been eaten. I suspect the trend will continue.

  2. The Halabut'sJuly 29, 2012 at 9:36 AM

    Great beer and will agree the chips were awesome so was the fish. Hope you stop at Pete's place for the best fish and chips on the island.

    1. I assume you mean Rick's Fish and Chips in St. Peters. And yes, we hope to. It's on our route from Campbell's Cove to Mt. Stewart, but 50 km from our starting point. Might be too long to wait for lunch, and too early for dinner. Being on bikes make these sorts if things so much more challenging! Hope you're enjoying our stories!