Thursday, August 16, 2012

Adventure day: MacCallum's Point

Trip distance: 50 km

(Bram writing)
One of the nice things about staying in one campsite for so long is that it gives us a chance to explore the area more. Many of the tourers we've met have been very strong on the touring component, rarely spending more than one night at any given stop. While I understand the appeal, it's just not enough time for me as a photographer. I certainly have taken a few shots on the road, but I much prefer to have a dedicated shooting day- it lets me travel more lightly so I can cover a greater distance if needed or linger in one spot until I feel I have worked it reasonably thoroughly.

I admit I was also starting to feel restless after so long in camp. As I was considering my options, Lori was hanging out in her hammock and considering another relaxing camp day. The more ready I got, though, the more she felt the same urge to get out and explore. We wound up going out on our day trip together, visiting one of the many points (and lighthouses) nearby.

Our ride took us along the number 10 highway (and some of our experiences on that day prompted us to finally write the previous post on cycling safety, bringing together ideas and experiences we'd both been working through on our own) into the Bedeque area- we went through Bedeque, had lunch near Central Bedeque, and had to travel through Lower Bedeque to get to the point. We skipped North Bedeque.

Lunch was the daily special at the Chillax Cafe, chili and a biscuit.

MacCallum's Point was picturesque. It seems to be a somewhat popular watering spot for the locals, with a dozen or so swimmers and sunners hanging out. I had hoped to get closer to the lighthouse, but it was at the end of a long breakwater and I was reluctant to scramble all the way out. We explored the warm, shallow water for a bit- it was full of mussels and the occasional oyster- before Lori settled down to read and relax while I ventured around with my camera.

There is also a cute old schoolhouse that has been turned into a museum.

On the ride back we stopped for some ice cream. PEI has a lot of local ice cream, and ours favorites are all based on peanut butter. I don't know if we just don't go out for ice cream at home enough or if there is a regional difference, but I don't remember seeing nearly as much peanut butter ice cream at home (sauce, more so, but not in the ice cream itself).

When we got back to camp, another set of cross-country cyclists came in for the night. We chatted for a bit in the games room of the campground, and discovered that they are spookily similar to Lori and myself in a lot of ways. We exchanged blogs this morning before parting ways and beginning our trek to Victoria by the Sea.


  1. Yeah, I don't know what it is about people on Highway 10, but in that specific area people don't seem to like cyclists!

    1. Yeah, we got more honks on that road than the rest of the island combined :/

  2. Always happy to read about your adventures, and also always happy to see how wants and needs collide into an incredible adventure. Can't wait to see all the photos and hear all the stories... Thank you so much for sharing your voyage!!! Lorna xox

    1. I might have a few photos still to get through...