Thursday, August 9, 2012

Hunter River to Crystal Beach

Trip distance: 50 km

(Bram writing)

We tried to get an early start for our travel day, rolling out of bed around 7:15 am. However, between breakfast and tearing down the tent (most things were packed but it's surprising how much stays out) we didn't really hit the road until 8:30. We retraced part of our route to get back to the Confederation Trail; the hills were just as steep but we were fresh and carrying less food so we made it to the trail (and the rest of the day) without having to push our bikes.

(Lori) The trail is very pretty, with enough scenery changes to not get boring. But there is one pretty constant view for me...


Once we were on the trail, it was a relatively simple ride to our next campsite. We stopped for supplies in Kensington and made it to camp for a late lunch (though we snacked often on the trail to keep ourselves fueled). Our reserved campsite was pretty bad- basically a small clearing in a shrubbery surrounded by RVs. We did a quick tour of the Campground and found most of the tent sites by the tree line were open, so we swapped out locations. As usual, I set up camp while Lori made lunch from our new supplies.

The rest of the afternoon was pretty lazy, hanging around camp and socializing with our neighbors, another pair of cyclists on a long tour. They started in Quebec City and have made their way here in the past five weeks or so and are continuing along tomorrow. It's kind of funny when touring cyclists meet up, we're almost like dogs circling around and sniffing each other as we check out bikes, panniers, camping systems (they are using the same tent I originally purchased for such adventures, years before I met Lori and she convinced me a bigger tent was a good idea) and such.

In the evening, I went down to the waterline to photograph the sunset.

We are close enough to Kensington and Summerside that we will probably do some day trips into town. The terrain is flat enough that the 10k or so to either town feels very manageable, even without a rest day in between.


  1. Wonderful therapeutic symbolism in this photo. Cloudy today...but red sky at night promising smoother sailing tomorrow. Hoping for smooth cycling for you tomorrow!