Tuesday, August 14, 2012

It's a small world after all

(Bram writing)

We are approaching our longest stay in any one spot since we arrived on the island. The combination of a lovely campground and rainy weather has made it an easy decision to relax for a few days at the Sun 'n' Shade campground in Borden Carlton. We also have some fun new neighbours, in two senses. The first and most obvious sense is that they are camping in the site next to us (though the sites are very spacious so we have plenty of elbow room). The second sense is that they are from Winnipeg. In the West End. On the same street we live, a few blocks away.

It really is a small world.

Sam and Stacey have been (hitch)hiking on their own adventure for quite a while now, and they just happened to need a place to set up tent before crossing the Confederation Bridge. This campground was the best spot, and they arrived at the office when Lori was there. As often happens on this trip, they got to talking and introductions, leading us to the amusing realization that we are neighbours back home. The first Winnipeggers we meet, too!

We've been sharing quite a bit over the last two days: sangria and freshly baked apple crisp led to a joint kitchen and dinner with fresh fish, fish cakes, fresh salad, and more sangria and apple crisp (they made the latter with hand-picked apples from the trees around the Confederation Trail, fudge, and oatmeal. Best apple crisp ever). During the day yesterday, Stacey borrowed Lori's bike to go on a little photography excursion with me. And, of course, we've shared lots of stories!

Today, Lori and I visited Chelton Beach, one of the spots that Stacey and I had photographed at. The beach is literally crawling with tiny hermit crabs!

It was a lovely beach day, a mix of sun and clouds, plus an impressive rainstorm on the horizon. My ride distance has been about 25km per day over the last two days. And we've just bumped into another two cycle tourers who are camping next to us!

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