Saturday, August 11, 2012

Malpeque Bay to Borden-Carlton

Trip Distance: 40 km

(Lori writing)

It's interesting how our frame of reference has changed over this trip. This was an "easy and short" ride to our next destination. 40 km loaded seems so manageable now, especially on the confederation trail, which is mostly flat. I hardly notice the slight inclines anymore.

One of my sabbatical goals is to really make an effort to mostly do only things I want to. This may seem like a no-brainer, but it's more challenging than you might first think. Nothing is all good or all bad, so you have to figure out the amount of bad you're willing to put up with in order to enjoy the good. Some other things that you don't like doing (going to the gym) are necessary steps toward things that you really want to do (a month long cycling adventure!)

So we were faced with this challenge at our last campground. One day in to our four day reservation, the bad started to outweigh the good. I'm typically one to just slog on through, trying to make the best of it, but being a little miserable the whole time. I feel quite a sense of accomplishment at my (and our) ability to sort through this challenge in about half an hour before deciding to pack up and head off to our next destination.

And I am so glad we did!

None of the campgrounds so far have really had it all, having to sacrifice things like privacy for community, etc. Sun 'n' Shade Campground is a gem that has the community feel of Campbell's Cove, facilities and ownership presence of New Glasgow, and woodsy feel of Brudenell. Plus it is within walking distance of Borden-Carlton, the little village at the confederation bridge that has a well-stocked convenience store, liquor store, restaurant, Tim Horton's and a Cow's Ice Cream outlet!!

Let me qualify all this by saying that it is primarily an RV resort, and we are in one of the few tenting spots on the edge in the trees. I can see only one other tenting site occupied, by someone who hasn't actually stayed there yet. If I were in an RV, I'm not sure I would be as excited, as they seem to be spaced very close together and I don't see much in the way of personalization that I've seen at other places, such as permanent decks or gardens.

After set up, supper, a walk into the village and some much needed Cow's ice cream, we encountered what so far is the highlight of our trip: the nightly evening concert! A full house was treated to a mix of old bluegrass and country, complete with a mandolins, fiddles, guitars, keyboard and stand up bass. Even the open mic portion of the evening drew in some very talented people. When they announced that there will be a gospel concert on Sunday, Bram whispered to me, "Hmm, I guess we'll be going to church twice this year!" (The one time always being the gospel workshop at the Winnipeg Folk Festival). Concerts are free, with any proceeds raised from raffles and donations going to a children's hospital.

These gentlemen call themselves the Campground Friends, one of them 89 years old, and none under 70.

The middle couple of this group is our camp hosts, Harold and Marnie. I was mesmerized not just by Marnie's skill, but also her look and aura of pure contentedness.

Also, we are clearly in the bottom fifth percentile when it comes to age here, which is just our speed!

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  1. I see a look and aura of pure contentedness on you too!