Wednesday, August 8, 2012

PEI Preserve Company

... or as the locals call it, The Jam Factory.

(Lori writing)

Today was another down day in camp, reading, lazing and playing Settlers of Catan. It's also hump day, with two weeks in and two weeks to go! Tonight is our last night at this stop. It's been a luxury to have all the amenities here and restaurants within walking distance, but we are eager to be on the road again.

One of our freeze dried meals for lunch today was an epic fail, so I threw it out and we walked into the village to try the much acclaimed PEI Preserve Company. We shared the seafood bubbly bake, which was very tasty, but not really enough food for us. So we finished off with their signature raspberry cream cheese pie and a cream cheese brownie. The pie was definitely worth the trip...the brownie not so much.

We took a meandering route back to camp and came upon a big patch of wild raspberries. They are so much tastier than domestic ones, so we stopped for a few minutes to eat some up.

Bram is making me peanut butter cup s'mores again as I type this up. Life is good :)

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