Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Sunset over Brudenell River

Lori has already talked about the kindness we have experienced in PEI. Another example happened to me while I was photographing this sunset back in Brudenell Park. The staff get around the park in little golf carts, and a pair of them came across me on the bridge while I was shooting this image. They were also blown away by the sunset, and told me that the view back up be the horse stables was beautiful. Indeed, one of them insisted on getting out of the cart so the other could drive me back up before the sun set fully. 


  1. All of your photos are amazing, Bram, but this has to be my favourite of all time!! Breath-taking! I am so thankful to be able to follow your and Lori's excellent adventure in PEI! You both have such a fine way of describing your experiences. Lorna xo

    1. We're always happy to get comments and feedback like this on our blog, it makes even the challenges of the day into little adventures to report :)