Monday, August 20, 2012

Victoria by the Sea

(editors note: we have gotten a little out of sequence on our posts. The events here took place on or around August 17th)
We have a whole day to explore this tiny town! We started with our complimentary breakfast in the tea room. Fresh, warm raspberry muffins and baked eggs Benedict. Yum! 

Then a long lounge on the deck of the Island Chocolate shop where I had a coffee rimmed with melted milk chocolate, topped with whipped cream and Bram had a hot chocolate. I sipped it slowly, savoring the sweet and bitter, and they just kept topping off my coffee as I wished. Heaven.

We strolled through the remaining shops before lunch at a little take out stand. Fried clams, caesar salad, and fish and chips. 

Then we decided on a bike ride in search of dessert. The Blue Goose restaurant was further than we expected, 8 km, but it was such a pretty ride. 

We split a piece of blueberry pie with ice cream. The waitress asked, "Should I bring two forks or should I cut it in half and put it on two plates?" We opted for the two plates, and when she brought them I said, "That's one piece cut in half?!" Her response, "It is today!" with a wink. I love people here! Though I'm eating so much that despite all the exercise I'm getting, I'm sure to put on a few pounds!

The clouds, view and light are so pretty here that Bram went out shooting.

After he got back, we went for supper to the Lobster Barn again. Once again we had a delicious dinner at a very reasonable price. Philly cheese steak and chicken fingers, with chocolate peanut butter cake for dessert. 

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